Quick Action Saves Boy's Finger

Quick Action Saves Boy's Finger

A grateful family shares their experience in the Moline Emergency Department

"Without the quick response from the ER team, he would have lost that finger."  

What started out as a harmless game of backyard soccer for 8 year-old Julien Fisher just before Christmas, turned into a trip to the Trinity Moline Emergency Department.

"We're from northern Minnesota and we're used to lots of snow in December so, when we got to Illinois to visit family, the kids were excited to kick around a soccer ball outside on the grass," Julien's mother, Angela Fisher says.

Julien was playing soccer in the backyard at his grandparents' house and ended up bumping into a concrete birdbath, knocking it over and onto Julien's right hand.

Angela Fisher heard her son crying outside, that's when she found that Julien's finger was mangled. They immediately took him to the Trinity Moline Emergency Department.

"Our doctor was great and so were the rest of the nurses. At first, Dr. Curl said he was not sure he was going to be able to save Julien's finger and that if he were an adult they may have moved to amputate right away," Angela says.  

But, with some great care from Dr. Nathan Curl, Physician Assistant Kevin Lohmeyer and Nurses Jenny Woomert and Elizabeth Flores, they were able to straighten out Julien's finger to stabilize him, restoring circulation and avoiding amputation.

Julien was flown to OSF Peoria for surgery, but thanks to the quick actions of Trinity Doctors and Nurses, Julien's finger was saved. Pins were placed in Julien's finger and he was in a cast for 6 weeks. He is now on the road to recovery.

Angela Fisher says, "We have since then been doing follow-up care in Duluth, Minnesota, closer to our home.  Right now he has limited joint movement in that finger and is unable to move it independently yet.  With continued therapy, we are anticipating some improvements there.  Time will tell what long-term effects will remain.  But he will not be limited by this in his future, and is now able to play hockey, soccer, swimming and any other sport he chooses.  He is hoping to one day become a missionary doctor so he can help others the way you have all helped him.  Thank you!"