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Precedence Inc.
Utilization Management Program

Precedence Inc. is a nationally accredited, compassionate, cost-effective Utilization Management Program that directs beneficiaries to the most appropriate level of care and monitors the ongoing progress of the individual served with clinical criteria and protocols.

If you are an ACO that would benefit from implementing a utilization management program, Precendence Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you. To find out how we can help you reach your UM goals, please contact Aggie Waterstreet, Director of Precedence Inc., at (563) 742-2950.

If you are a provider or a program enrollee and would like to request a copy of our yearly quality improvement evaluation, please contact us at 1(800) 361-1492.

Program Features

• Utilization review by credentialed licensed professionals.
• Providing care management for all levels of care to ensure the best most effective care. 
• Responsiveness to individuals served, providers and health plans.
• Monitoring of discharges and aftercare.
• Out of area and emergency services coverage.
• A credentialed panel of health providers. 
• Measurable outcomes for satisfaction, cost, and performance.

What others are saying about Precedence Inc.

"We have been pleased with Precedence's cost-effective, compassionate approach toward managing our behavioral health benefits as part of our employee health care plan. "
Emily Porter, Senior Vice President
Talent and Marketing Communications Officer
UnityPoint Health

"The Precedence staff is friendly and easy to work with, which makes the entire process flow smoothly for all."
Sam Moreneo, PhD, Psychologist
Moline, IL

"Precedence specializes in evidence-based, outcome-oriented patient care to produce the best possible results." 
Robert Sharpe, MD, Psychiatrist
Chicago, IL


"Appropriateness and efficiency are words to live by in meeting new value-based goals for population health. Precedence Inc.'s URAC accreditation shows an ability to abide by the gold standard when it comes to performing Health Utilization Management functions," said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. "URAC's utilization management accreditation standards promote an evidence-based and reasonable review of services that respect both patients and providers."

Precedence Inc. Utilization Management Program is accredited by the URAC. This accreditation provides assurance to patients, providers, purchasers; regulators and employers that the practices of Precedence managed care are performed fairly and reasonably for all parties. Precedence follows standards to ensure our Utilization Management (UM) Review process is clinically sound and we respect patients' and providers' rights while giving payers logical & realistic guidelines to follow.