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HealthAware: Know Your Risk

UnityPoint Health Trinity Wellness offers a series of free online assessments that provide a quick analysis of your health and suggested next steps if you are found to be at risk. In just seven minutes, you can gauge your risk of developing diseases or disorders that can weaken your health and affect your lifestyle. If you are identified as being at risk, Trinity will offer you a free cholesterol screening and consultation with one of our Trinity Wellness Coaches. 

Start your free health assessment now:

Step 1 - Select HealthAware Assessment

Each Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is disease specific and asks questions related to that area of chronic disease or condition. Select the HRA that you are would like to determine your risk for.

Step 2 - Complete the Health Risk Assessment

We ask that you answer each question the best you can. If you do not know an answer simply answer "unsure". At the end, we ask you to provide your contact information. This way we can contact you if you are at risk and need a follow up evaluation.

Step 3 - Meet with a Wellness Coach

Individuals who are categorized as "at risk" will be contacted by a Wellness Coach to schedule a free consultation to review their results from their Health Risk Assessment report. Here we can discuss a participant's current level or risk associated with chronic disease, cover disease prevention education, and offer further screening if necessary.