Donations to UnityPoint Health Helped Jim Teske Walk Again

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Helping Jim Walk Again

"Thank you for giving me back my life"

Expert emergency team saves Moline man

What started out as a lovely fall stroll ended in near death 2 years ago for Jim Teske, 80, when he missed a step and slammed headlong into a glass door. 

"Call 911," Jim Teske whispered to his companion. "I think I've broken my neck."

Within moments, paramedics arrived and rushed him to the Emergency Department of Trinity Rock Island.
"Thank God we had such an expert emergency team within a few blocks of home," Jim says today. "They saved my life."

Surgery and long weeks of rehab followed. Jim gets teary-eyed talking about it.

"Every person I came into contact with at Trinity was upbeat and caring, from the gal who made my bed to the medical staff," he says. "When I finally could stand on my own at the parallel bars, I looked up and everyone was in tears. Me too."

From the ED to Rehab, you make stories like this happen

Because of declining reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid, your gift is more important than ever before. 

You put the latest equipment into treatment areas. You provide improved spaces for medical staff to work effectively. You offer greater comfort to patients and their worried families.

You helped Jim live . and walk, drive and enjoy life again.

"Let me thank all you wonderful donors right now. Without your help, I'd still be in bed. Thank you for giving me back my life."