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Corporate Wellness and Disease Prevention

Corporate Services

Keeping area businesses healthy

Trinity's Wellness Department offers customizable Corporate Disease Prevention and Wellness opportunities to meet the health needs for area businesses and their employees. Our services range from a simple biometric screening to a yearlong corporate wellness program.

Listed below are the available corporate wellness programs designed to help reduce health risks and control health care costs. For more information on our employer solutions, please contact Wellness Manager, Joni Griffin at (309)779-2484 or trinity.wellness@unitypoint.org

HealthAware Plus

  • On-site risk assessment, biometric screening, cholesterol and glucose testing.
  • Private, individualized coaching session.
  • Confidential, physician ready Health Summary Report provided to all employees.
  • An aggregate report summarizing the health status of your employees.

HealthAware Advantage

  • Everything included in HealthAware Plus.
  • Annual (10-12 month) Corporate Wellness Program to lower health care costs.
  • Customizable incentives and guidelines (full, partial or participation incentives available).
  • Initial and final biometric and lipid panel screening to track health outcomes and goal attainment for employees.
  • Individualized, confidential Wellness Consultation Report outlining current health status along with goal guidelines as well as incentive requirements will be provided to each employee.
  • Six private on-site individual wellness coaching sessions.
  • Email and/or telephonic communication with employees to guarantee goal attainment.
  • Group based educational classes to enhance health education, foster morale and maintain motivation. Topics range from nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and disease prevention.
  • Exercise tracking.
  • Employee engagement worksite wellness challenges.
  • Customized marketing promotional materials.
  • An initial and final aggregate report for employer summarizing health changes over the course of the program.


  • On-site Weight-Loss Program (minimum of 15 employees required).
  • Eight weeks of on-site classes starting with our WeightAware risk assessment: an initial weigh-in, body fat percentage, BMI, waist circumference, educational materials and handouts.
  • 10-minute private session with a health coach each week.
  • Weekly topics would include:
    • Goal Setting
    • What's in your glass?
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Behavior Modification
    • Portion Sizes
    • Dining Out
    • Antioxidants
    • Fiber
    • Exercise