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Cardiac Nutrition Center

Creating a healthier community

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Our loved ones and community members are at risk. Over 83% of adults in the Quad Cities report having a cardiovascular risk factor, such as being overweight, being inactive, smoking or having high blood pressure or cholesterol.

The Pritikin outpatient cardiac rehab program uses three key pillars to ensure comprehensive lifestyle changes: regular exercise, healthy eating plan and healthy mind-set. Trinity staff will create individualized exercise programs; promote healthy eating strategies through meal planning, cooking classes, workshops and videos; and support mental health through educational workshops and counseling.

We are working to improve our patient's satisfaction, reduce the risk of future cardiac events and improve lifestyles for our community members. With your help, we will bring the first Cardiac Nutrition Center to the region and enhance the cardiac care Trinity is already providing for our patients.