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What to Expect: Joint Replacement and Spinal Fusion

Like many people considering orthopedic surgery, you're probably wondering what to expect from spinal fusion or joint replacement surgery. Our UnityPoint Health – Methodist location has you covered with our Orthopedic Academy.

We'll explain how to prepare and what to expect before, during and after surgery. Orthopedic Academy offers classrooms close to the entrance to keep your walking to a minimum. For your convenience, we'll schedule your pre-operative lab and X-ray tests before class.

Why Choose UnityPoint Health for Joint Replacement?

We help you understand what to expect from your hip or knee replacement and how to get ready. Our Orthopedic Academy joint replacement class has been designed for success, with:

  • Dedicated orthopedic nurse educators: Orthopedic nurses teach our joint and spine class, so you can be sure you'll receive clear and accurate information.
  • Detailed information: You'll leave with the information you need to prepare for a successful surgery and recovery.
  • Combined appointments: We schedule pre-op work and class together to save you the discomfort of an extra trip.
  • Physical therapy: After surgery, you can rebuild your strength with help from expert therapists. Learn more about our physical therapy services.

Orthopedic Academy: Joint Replacement Surgery Preparation Class

Our orthopedic nurse teaches the class. This expert focuses on helping you get ready for your joint replacement or spinal fusion procedure. You'll also learn how to have a more comfortable, faster recovery. We've set up our class to give you the information you need and time to ask questions.

Studies show that people who attend class to prepare for an orthopedic surgery are more confident. They understand what to expect and are in better control of their discomfort after surgery.

What you'll learn at Orthopedic Academy

We'll explain what to do before surgery and what to expect in the hospital. Our orthopedic nurse educator will describe:

  • How to get ready for your procedure
  • What to expect during your joint replacement or spinal fusion surgery
  • What will happen each day after surgery
  • How much physical and occupational therapy to expect
  • How to manage your post-surgery discomfort
  • What we do to prevent infection

Orthopedic Academy covers information about your first days and weeks at home, including:

  • Home exercise
  • Dietary information
  • Ongoing recovery
  • Physical and occupational therapy

What Should I Expect From Joint Replacement or Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Our dedicated orthopedic nurse will talk about each procedure in detail during Orthopedic Academy. You can expect high-quality, personal care during your surgery and your stay. With our focus on the latest in medical care, most people have good outcomes after surgery.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee surgery has changed significantly in recent years compared to the surgeries of 5 or 10 years ago. Most people find they are more active after surgery. People generally notice improvements in a few weeks.

Your doctor might recommend a robotic-assisted surgery option or a traditional method. You and your doctor will make your specific decisions, but in general, you can expect:

  • Outpatient surgery, where you don't have to stay overnight
  • Quick ambulation, or getting up and walking after surgery
  • Daily physical therapy to start your recovery off strong

When you get home after surgery, you might need to use a walker and may need help for a few days. You can read more in our knee replacement surgery guide.

Hip replacement surgery

Your doctor may recommend a traditional or robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery option.

At home after surgery, you may need to avoid certain movements, like crossing your legs or ankles or flexing your hip, for a while. You'll need some help in the first days.

Your doctor can help you understand what to expect from your surgery. You can learn more by reading our hip surgery replacement guide.

Spinal fusion surgery

While each spinal fusion surgery is unique, you can expect an advanced, high-quality surgery. Your doctor may decide on a traditional or robotic-assisted surgery option.

Some people notice immediate relief of their discomfort. For others, it may take some time. Your doctor can help you understand what to expect.

Learn more and let our orthopedic nurse educator answer your questions at Orthopedic Academy. You can also read our spine surgery guide.

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