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Customized Weight Management Program at UnityPoint Health

Trying to lose weight, but can't keep the pounds off? There's a reason for that. Think about the popular diets today. You're hungry. You have cravings. Your energy and hormone levels tank. And if you did lose weight, it likely wasn't all fat. You lost valuable, fat-burning muscle, too. 

We are all too familiar with yo-yo dieting, and the battle to permanently keep weight off. Thankfully, our team at the UnityPoint Health Weight Loss Clinic is here to help you break that cycle. 

Your Final Weight Loss Journey Starts Here

Introducing a Personalized Weight Loss Management Program in Central Illinois

UnityPoint Health is now offering a new, 12-week, clinically monitored weight loss program in Peoria, Illinois. At the UnityPoint Health Weight Loss Clinic, our specialized team provides patients with customized weight management and health enhancement services. During your journey, we will provide you with the education, tools, and resources necessary to change your diet and more importantly, your lifestyle. By offering the comprehensive MetaLife program, we're inspiring a new way of thinking about health while restoring the body's natural relationship with food. Take the first step to this 12-week program and start transforming your health today.

Call (309) 671-2532 to Schedule a Personal Consultation Today

Improve Your Quality of Life

Is your weight affecting more than your waistline? Extra weight can increase your risk for potential health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and more. However, dropping just 10 percent of your weight can improve your health, and decrease your chances of developing one of these conditions. Different from other weight loss programs, MetaLife is certified by the CDC as a Diabetes Prevention Program! MetaLife is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

Benefits of MetaLife Include:

  • Improved Sleep and Increased Energy
  • Decreased Pain
  • Elevated Mood
  • Reduced Cravings and Enhanced Metabolism
  • Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Decreased Risk of Life-Threatening Chronic Diseases

Learn more about the MetaLife difference.

Join the 12-Week Transformation

Interested in hearing more about the program? Call (309) 671-2532 to schedule a personal consultation today and start realizing the many health benefits of this inspired life system.

MetaLife gives you clinically supervised access to:

  • Weekly body composition screenings that analyze the fat, muscle, and water in your body
  • Blood tests to unveil if you have metabolic syndrome or other factors that are keeping you from losing weight
  • Personalized weight loss plan that helps you reach your health goals 
  • Weekly office visits with a dedicated UnityPoint Health provider
  • Premium-grade supplements
  • Nutrition counseling, fitness tips and on-going support from your health coach
  • Interactive coaching platform, tracking journal and weekly lessons

Begin Your Final Weight Loss Journey

  • Call our office at (309) 671-2532 to schedule a personal consultation to start realizing the many benefits of this life-changing, customized program.
  • Meet with your health coach to receive a personalized metabolic assessment and learn your numbers.
  • Embark on your final weight loss journey!

Call (309) 671-2532 to Schedule a Personal Consultation Today