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Types of Cancer We Treat

UnityPoint Health Cancer Services – Methodist provides comprehensive cancer care services to treat all types of cancer.

Our cancer navigators provide additional support to patients facing certain types of cancer that more commonly affect the Peoria community. We guide you to the services you need, from screening to survivorship, and make sure you'll never have to face cancer alone.  

Our Cancer Specialties

At UnityPoint Health – Methodist, we diagnose and treat all types of cancer. You can access precise and more comfortable radiation treatments, such as TrueBeam® and TomoTherapy®, at the Heidrich Radiation Oncology Center. Learn more about radiation oncology.

Our team has special expertise caring for patients affected by breast, colon and lung cancer and those who need bone marrow transplant. For these cases, our patient navigators offer personalized guidance and help you access Peoria's high-quality cancer care services that are right for you.

Breast cancer

UnityPoint Health provides a full range of prevention, diagnosis and treatment services to people dealing with breast cancer. Our Breast Health Center and High-Risk Breast Clinic provide personalized risk assessments to women at increased risk for developing breast cancer.

At our Breast Health Center, a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, you can take care of all your breast health needs. We offer leading-edge technology, including bilateral breast MRI that offers high-detail imaging of both breasts in one day.

Our team of breast specialists offers a full range of breast cancer treatment services. You can access surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, close to home. Learn more about breast cancer.

Colon and rectal cancer

UnityPoint Health's team includes board-certified general and colorectal surgeons who diagnose and treat colon and rectal cancers. Our nurse navigators work closely with your surgeons and other specialists to guide you to the treatment you need with minimal disruption to your life.

Based on the specifics of your care, your doctor may recommend a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to treat colorectal cancer. Learn more about colon cancer.

Blood cancer

Methodist offers an autologous bone marrow transplant program, the only program of its kind in Central Illinois. Our highly trained team cares for patients with certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and myeloma, throughout the stem cell transplant process. Learn more about our bone marrow transplant program.

Lung cancer

We offer low-dose CT screenings to help detect lung cancer in its early stages (before cancer causes noticeable symptoms) in people who have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Low-dose CT lung cancer screenings offer a high level of accuracy with a lower dose of radiation compared to traditional CT imaging.

At our Lung Nodule Clinic, a team of doctors, including a pulmonary specialist, evaluate lung nodules identified from imaging tests. Our doctors sit down with you to review your test results and plan the next steps in your care, personalized to your circumstances.

Our dedicated cancer navigator understands the unique needs of people with lung cancer. If you have lung cancer, you can expect ample support throughout the entire care process. Your doctor may recommend surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment for lung cancer. We aim to get you the care you need, with fewer hassles. 

Contact Us

Get the cancer services you need, easily. Call 309-672-4224 to connect with one of our helpful cancer navigators.