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Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR)

At UnityPoint Health – Peoria, our vascular team offers treatments with transformative results. Transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) makes carotid stenting safer. This new treatment for carotid artery disease prevents strokes during the procedure and lowers future stroke risk. Our commitment to safety and leading-edge treatments is one way we care for you like family.

TCAR Procedure at UnityPoint Health – Peoria: Why Choose Us?

We were the first vascular team in Central Illinois to perform this revolutionary option that can help prevent stroke caused by carotid artery disease. We are also the only hospital in the region that has providers certified to perform the TCAR procedure. 

In 2020, the developer of the TCAR device honored our team with the TCAR Clinical Operators of Experience award. This award recognizes our expertise in improving carotid artery disease treatment.

We offer the resources and vascular specialists who can provide the best and most innovative care for carotid artery disease in Peoria and the region.

Who Should Consider TCAR?

TCAR is a proven, minimally invasive approach for people at risk for complications from traditional carotid surgery because of age or medical condition. For these individuals, TCAR offers a safer option than a traditional carotid endarterectomy. TCAR not only lowers the risk of stroke, but it can also provide a faster recovery time and less pain during recovery. 

How Does TCAR Work?

We use TCAR during carotid stenting procedures. The technique allows our vascular surgeons to briefly reverse the blood flow in the artery. Blood and any clots flow away from the brain, reducing stroke risk during and after the procedure. 

Here is what to expect during a TCAR procedure:

  1. We give you medicine to make you relaxed and sleepy during the procedure.
  2. Our vascular surgeon makes a small incision in your neck and another in your thigh. 
  3. We place a tube into the carotid artery. Another tube goes into your thigh. 
  4. The tube in the neck connects to a special system that directs blood flow away from the brain during the procedure. This system filters dangerous material out of the blood. Then the blood returns through the tube in your thigh. 
  5. We place the stent in the carotid artery in your neck.
  6. After we place the stent, we turn off the system, and your blood flow returns to normal. 

Contact Us

Find a vascular specialist. Or, for more information, connect with a member of our vascular team by calling us: 309-643-6118.