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Spine and Back Surgery at Methodist and Proctor

Each spine and back surgery is unique and complex. At UnityPoint Health, our specially trained staff works closely with your surgeon. We focus on the details of your surgery and what you need for the best result.

We keep up with the most recent technology and care. Our Methodist campus is the only hospital in Peoria with the Mazor X™ Robotic Spine Surgery System. Whether your best option is robotic-assisted or traditional surgery, you'll have high-quality care here in Peoria.

Why Choose Us for Spine Surgery?

The right care team will help prepare you for a successful procedure and recovery. We have built our spine surgery programs to do just that, with:

  • Orthopedic-trained staff: Your nurses and other clinical staff receive training in the treatment of spine issues. They'll know how to provide your care, monitor your progress and act quickly if there is a problem.
  • Robotic-assisted surgery: Your surgeon may decide that robotic-assisted surgery is the right option for you. If so, you can have this advanced surgery close to home. We are the only hospital in Peoria with the Mazor X™ Robotic Spine Surgery System.
  • One-stop class and pre-op testing: We include spinal fusion in our Orthopedic Academy class. You'll be able to do your pre-op lab work the same day. You'll feel prepared and confident, with fewer trips to make while you're waiting for your surgery.

Spine and Back Conditions

You may be a candidate for spine or back surgery if you have the following conditions:

  • Ruptured (herniated) disc, the cushion between the bones in your spine (your vertebrae)
  • Sciatica, or back pain caused by pressure on the nerve that runs from your lower back into your legs
  • Weak or unstable spine
  • Arthritis or bone spurs that cause discomfort, pressure, weakness or numbness

Our Spine and Back Surgeries

We offer high-quality traditional and modern robotic surgeries. Your doctor may recommend a robotic-assisted surgery option. Our Methodist campus is the only hospital in Peoria with the Mazor X™ Robotic Spine Surgery System.

Our Methodist and Proctor hospitals offer:

Discectomy and microdiscectomy

Your surgeon removes damaged (herniated) discs, the round cushions between your spinal bones. Your doctor may do microsurgery, making a small incision and inserting a camera to guide the surgery. Or your condition may require a traditional surgery with a longer incision in your back or neck.


Laminectomy surgery may be a traditional or minimally invasive procedure. Your surgeon removes the lamina (back part of your vertebra that covers your spinal canal). It makes more room in your spine and can relieve pressure and discomfort.

Spinal fusion

Your surgeon will connect (fuse) two or more vertebrae in your spine together. The procedure permanently stops movement that is causing you discomfort. Your surgeon will choose among surgery options such as the Mazor X™ Robotic Spine Surgery System or traditional surgery.

Your doctor will give you individual recommendations about therapy and wearing a brace after surgery.

It takes a few months for your bones to heal and for you to see results. You can get more information in our spine surgery guide.

Contact Us

Call UnityPoint Health – Peoria Orthopedic Services at 833-662-3278 with questions or to set up an appointment.

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