Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine in Peoria, IL
Wound care and wound specialists in Peoria, IL

Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

For most, wound healing is a natural process, but for others, it can be a complex process that requires specialized care and ongoing maintenance. If you are one of the estimated six million Americans suffering from chronic wounds, we may be able to help you heal.

UnityPoint Clinic - Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine in Peoria, Illinois, is accredited by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Our would center treats all types of chronic (ongoing) wounds. We offer structured wound care from a team of expert wound specialists who work with your physician to deliver the right diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.

From diabetic ulcers of the lower legs, ankles and feet to bone infection, the wound healing specialists at the Would Care & Hyperbaric Medicine center work to prevent infection, reduce the time it takes to you to heal and teach you how to avoid re-injury. Our team combines specialized wound healing services, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and years of experience to provide comprehensive care you can count on!