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Specialized Birth Care

UnityPoint Health is the perfect place for expecting mothers in the area to deliver their new bundle of joy! Our highly trained and caring professionals work alongside physicians and midwives in our advanced birth care facility to give you a safe delivery and an exceptional experience.

Our Team of Birth Care Experts

Although nearly 2,000 babies are born at UnityPoint Health each year, our team of health care professionals treats each birth as a unique experience. Our specially trained nurses are dedicated to helping you achieve a safe and positive birthing experience. After delivery, a lactation specialist is here to help you successfully breastfeed your baby. The maternity center is also staffed by OB hospitalists 24/7. These experienced obstetricians oversee your labor until your personal doctor or midwife arrives.

If there are special concerns with your pregnancy, such as diabetes or a family history of certain birth defects, your doctor may consult with our UnityPoint Clinic perinatologist,(A perinatologist is a physician who specializes in the management of high-risk pregnancies.) High-tech delivery rooms are ready if you have a multiple, complicated or cesarean section birth.

Delivery Services

Depending on your birth plan, you will welcome your baby into the world through a natural birth, vaginal birth using pain medications or C-section. Our birthing center offers comprehensive services and amenities needed to support the type of delivery that best fits you and gives you the childbirth experience you want. We work with obstetricians and midwives to help you deliver your baby and make you as comfortable as possible.

Private Delivery Room

Our private labor-delivery rooms allow you to stay in a relaxing environment throughout your labor and birth. Following the birth, you will receive postpartum care in a comfortable, quiet recovery room. With advanced technology, flexible visiting hours, room service and a number of other amenities, your entire stay combines the comforts of your home with the expertise of the hospital.

Level II Neonatal Unit

If your baby requires more advanced care, our certified Level II Nursery with Extended Neonatal capabilities cares for babies born at greater than 30 weeks gestation. Methodist has a neonatologist (a doctor specializing in newborn care) available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A neonatologist may be present during cesarean sections or any other deliveries that may pose any concerns for your baby's health. 

Having a baby can bring on waves of emotion. Every woman is different, and every woman will experience emotions differently throughout the childbirth process. Our birth care experts ensure that the individual needs of you and your baby are attended to with tender loving care.

Childbirth Classes

The maternity center at UnityPoint Health offers classes for expectant parents in Peoria, Illinois, and surrounding areas. These classes include:

  • Childbirth Preparation Class
  • The Newborn & Mom Class
  • Sibling-Family Class
  • Preparation for Breastfeeding

Learn more about the Childbirth Classes offered at UnityPoint Health