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Reporting Results

Disclosure of patient results will be done in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Compliance with HIPAA may at times require the UnityPoint Health - Methodist Laboratory verify information with your office.

Reports are transmitted to printers on all nursing stations immediately upon completion and verification of the test. Upon completion, test results are available to all nursing stations by CRT inquiry. Cumulative chart reports will be available by 2300 hours Sunday and Thursday. Split CUMS charts will be available by 2300 Monday - Wednesday and Friday - Saturday. Miscellaneous reports, not generated by the computer, will be sent with the cumulative reports. Anatomical Pathology reports will be delivered to the Nursing Units by Health Information Services personnel. Anatomical Pathology reports can be automatically faxed to physician offices on a scheduled basis by contacting the Pathology Section.

Outpatient reports are distributed daily through the courier service or mailroom to the ordering physician only.

Tests referred through the outreach services are reported via courier, U. S. Mail, teleprinter, or facsimile on a scheduled basis.

Patients may obtain their own laboratory results by contacting Health Information Services or presenting picture identification to the Customer Service Representative in the Laboratory. 

Laboratory test(s) results will not be given to patients over the telephone.