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Nuclear Cystogram

Your physician has requested that a Nuclear Medicine cystogram be performed on you. This test is a simple, non-invasive way to evaluate your bladder and the ureters of your urinary system. The test consists of inserting a small tube (catheter) into the bladder and instilling through the catheter, into the bladder a sterile saline solution mixed with a small amount of radioactive material. The amount of radioactivity associated with this test is very small and much less than the other alternative x-ray studies.

Approximate study time 1.5 hours

To outline our requirements, you will:

  1. After registration report to Medical Imaging and check in.
  2. You will then be escorted to Nuclear Medicine.
  3. You will be escorted to the examining room.
  4. After changing into the hospital gown provided, your will be positioned on your back on a scanning table.
  5. A catheter will be placed into the bladder by one of our radiology nurses.
  6. The technologist will attach an IV to the catheter previously placed, it will carry sterile saline solution into your bladder.
  7. The bladder is filled until maximum tolerance has been reached.
  8. Pictures are made during the filling phase of the bladder.
  9. If the patient is a child they may be nervous. We fully appreciate your understanding and cooperation during the test, as we know it is stressful to both child and parent.
  10. Once the bladder is filled the patient will be positioned in an upright sitting position on a bedpan with his/her back to the camera.
  11. The technologist will instruct the patient to empty his/her bladder with the removal of the catheter. Pictures will be made during this voiding/emptying phase of the examination.
  12. Once the exam is complete you will be released from the Nuclear Medicine department.
  13. The Radiologist will then read the test and a report will be sent to the ordering physician.

Note: Inpatients will be transported to Nuclear Medicine.