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Heart Attack Care

Our experienced cardiovascular surgical team is prepared to quickly open a blocked artery well below standard of care, which is 90 minutes of your arrival at the hospital. Research has shown that this ensures the best possible patient outcome and in some cases may even prevent a heart attack.   

Quick Medical Attention Saves Lives

If chest pain strikes seek medical help immediately. Most people having a heart attack wait too long to get help. That's especially true for women, whose symptoms may be more subtle. Women are most likely to ignore the early warning signs of a heart attack, or confuse them with symptoms of something less serious because the pain can be mild at first, and the discomfort may come and go.

Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Know

Get the Right Kind of Help

Don't delay! A heart attack is life threatening. Symptoms should be checked out immediately. Studies show it's important to get expert help, like the kind you get at UnityPoint Health.

Experiencing Heart Attack Symptoms? Follow These Steps:

  • Call 911 if you think you might be having a heart attack.
  • Take a baby aspirin if available.
  • When help arrives, tell them "I want to go to UnityPoint Health."

Emergency Services at UnityPoint Health - Central Illinois