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Esophageal Reflux Study

The esophageal reflux study is a safe, simple way to evaluate if reflux from your stomach up through your esophagus exists. The examination does require you to have nothing by mouth after midnight on the day before the study. On the day of the test, you will be given a glass of orange juice containing a small amount of the radioactive material and a glass of water to flush out any remaining orange juice from the esophagus. The radioactivity associated with this test is negligible and you will feel no ill effects.

To outline our requirements, you will:

  1. Remain NPO (Nothing by mouth) after midnight the night before the examination.
  2. After registration check in with our receptionist in Medical Imaging.
  3. You will be escorted to the examining room.
  4. A short history will be taken
  5. You will be positioned sitting in front of a large camera.
  6. An abdominal binder will be placed by the technologist around your stomach.
  7. You will be instructed to drink the orange juice and water.
  8. You will then be asked to lie down on your back.
  9. Once you are on your back the pressure on the binder will be increased.
  10. During this time images will be taken.
  11. These images will take 40 minutes.
  12. Once the images are complete you will be asked to return in 4 hours.
  13. Once you return check in to Medical Imaging reception.
  14. You will be escorted back to Nuclear Medicine where another 10-minute image will be taken.
  15. Once the images are complete you may leave.
  16. You will be asked to return to Medical Imaging the next day for delayed images that will take approximately 10 minutes. The technologist will inform you of the return time.
  17. Once the images are complete you may leave and the study is complete.
  18. Once the scan is completed a Radiologist will read the images and the results will be sent to the ordering physician.

Note: Inpatients will be transported to Nuclear Medicine.