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UnityPoint Clinic - Express (Peoria)

8914 North Knoxville Avenue
Peoria, IL 61615

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UnityPoint Clinic - Express (Washington)

209 North Cummings Lane
Washington, IL 61571

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UnityPoint Clinic First Care - East Peoria

2535 East Washington Street
East Peoria, IL 61611

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UnityPoint Clinic First Care - Peoria Heights

1120 East War Memorial Drive
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to get treatment?

It depends on how busy our Emergency Department is and how severe your condition is. Once you've checked-in, a nurse will see you, immediately followed by the physician. If you come in by ambulance, you'll be checked-in after a nurse and physician have seen you.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, you do not need to bring anything with you to the Emergency Department.

Will my friends and family be able to visit me in the ED?

Your friends and family will be able to visit you in the Emergency Department, but there may be a limit on the number of visitors that are allowed into your room at one time. Your nurse will be able to inform you of this if it is necessary.

Am I going to be admitted to the hospital when I go to the ED?

Just because you come to the Emergency Department doesn't mean you will automatically be admitted to the hospital. The emergency physician will consult with your family physician, after all test results are back. If the emergency physician feels it is necessary, you will then be admitted to the hospital.

Is it really important for me to follow-up with my doctor?

Complete written discharge instructions will be explained to you and your family. If you have questions at that time, clarification will be given to you by the emergency physician or nurse. Following up with your primary care physician is an important part of your visit.

How are you going to bill me? Do I have options?

In addition to your bill from the hospital, you may receive bills from other physicians who may have provided services to you. For instance, you may receive bills from consulting physicians, radiologists, or other specialists. Please contact their office directly if you have questions concerning their bills.

At the patient's request, a detailed bill may be provided. The hospital will send periodic statements to the patients or responsible party in an effort to keep them informed as to the status of all open accounts.

Patients are responsible for the charges for services received. However, to assist patients in meeting their financial obligations, the hospital will bill their health insurance carrier(s) for them, as long as a valid ID card and/or information regarding insurance coverage is presented at the time of registration.

Please view our Billing FAQ section for more information on billing.