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Child Life Services

Comfort and care for you and your child

Our goal at UnityPoint Health - Methodist is to help your child and family feel comfortable and cared for during your child's hospitalization.

A Child Life Specialist will:

  • Provide preparation and procedural support for your child as they undergo medical tests, procedure, and/or surgery through the use of developmentally appropriate medical play and teaching materials.
  • Engage your child with games, arts, crafts, toys, music and movies. Play helps normalize the hospital environment and make it a more positive experience.
  • Lead medical play to allow your child the opportunity to rehearse the procedure, role play and become familiar with medical equipment. This helps to reduce a child's stress and fosters coping.
  • Assist your family and child by providing emotional support, education and advocacy.
  • Consult with your child's healthcare team regarding your child's unique emotional, social and developmental needs.
  • Prep books on outpatient surgeryEEG tests, VCUGs and endoscopy tests are available to prepare your child for their visit.
  • Provide pre-surgical or pre-admission tours, which can lessen anxiety children and their families may have.