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Ceretec-WBC Scan

Your physician has requested that you have a Ceretec labeled white blood cell scan (Ceretec-WBC Scan). This is a safe, simple, non-invasive way to evaluate the tissues of your body for the presence of infection. The radioactivity associated with the injection of Ceretec is negligible. The injection will not make you feel dizzy, nauseated, hot or cold.

Entire study time from blood draw to completion of imaging is approximately 8 hours

To outline our requirements, you will:

  1. After registration report to Medical Imaging and check in with our receptionist.
  2. You will then be escorted to Nuclear Medicine
  3. A short history will be taken.
  4. An intravenous line (IV) will be placed in an arm vein for the purpose of withdrawing your blood. Approximately 60 milliliters of blood will be withdrawn. This blood will be processed in order to separate your white blood cells (WBC's) from the rest of the blood components. These WBC's will be incubated with the Ceretec in order to make them radioactive. This process will take approximately 3 hours.
  5. After your blood has been withdrawn you will be asked to return to Medical Imaging in 2.5 hours.
  6. Your now radioactive WBC's will be administered through the IV previously placed. After this, the IV will be taken out. This entire process (1-5) will take approximately 2.5 - 3 hours.
  7. You will be asked to return to Nuclear Medicine for your scan in 2 hours unless instructed otherwise.
  8. Upon your return, several images will be obtained.
  9. The Radiologist will review the images before you are released from the department.
  10. Additional images may be necessary at the discretion of the Radiologist at 24 hours.
  11. Total imaging time will be approximately 1 hour.
  12. Once the study is complete the Radiologist will read the test and the results will be sent to the ordering physician.

Note: Inpatients will be transported to Nuclear Medicine for testing.