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Services at the Breast Health Center

Our services include:

  • Routine screening and diagnostic mammograms
  • Bilateral breast MRI (high-detail imaging of both breasts in one day)
  • Ultrasound imaging (also called a sonogram)
  • Needle core biopsy (removal of a small amount to breast tissue for study under a microscope)
  • Treatment of high-risk breast disease by a team of specialists

Methodist breast imaging equipment and services (including mammography, breast ultrasound and biopsies, and MRIs) are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), ensuring the highest standards of image quality and care.

Treatment and Recovery

If you are diagnosed with breast disease, you may need the services of our team of professionals (depending on the type of disease diagnosed). Your breast health team will work with you through treatment and recovery. We will answer your questions, explain procedures, and never forget that you are the most important person on your healthcare team.

Your Breast Health Team of medical specialists includes:

  • Breast surgeon-doctor who removes region of breast affected by disease
  • Radiologist-doctor who uses mammography (breast x-rays), ultrasound (sonograms), biopsy, and other tests to diagnose disease
  • Medical Oncologist-doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and other methods
  • Radiation Oncologist-doctor who uses radiation (x-ray) therapy to treat cancer
  • Reconstructive (Plastic) surgeon-doctor who reconstructs altered or removed breast using body tissues or implants
  • Breast Health Navigator -a radiologic (x-ray) technologist who specializes in breast imaging and care

Communication Equals Outstanding Care

At the Methodist Breast Health Center, we understand that communication is vital to your treatment and recovery-communication among the specialists and communication between the specialists and you. That's why the members of the team come together for a Comprehensive Breast Day Meeting to develop a treatment plan that's custom-made for you. Our breast health navigator and breast surgeon will sit down with you and your family the same day to explain treatment options.