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Your Breast Health Navigator

If you are diagnosed with breast disease, you and your family will have questions and concerns. There will be tests to schedule and treatment options to consider. At the Methodist Breast Health Center, we provide an experienced professional called a Breast Health Navigator to help guide you and your loved ones through the process of recovery. Call (309) 672-5781 for more information.

What is a breast health navigator?

  • An advocate to represent the needs of the patient and family
  • A healthcare professional who provides education and support to all women concerned about their breast health
  • A supporter of the patient with breast disease and her family, helping them understand and cope with the life changes and stress that accompany a breast disease diagnosis
  • A constant caregiver and overseer of the patient's and her family's physical, psychological, and emotional needs
  • A liaison between the patient and physicians to ensure better patient understanding of medical recommendations

Your breast health navigator coordinates your care, ordering any necessary tests, treatment, and follow-up care prescribed by your team of breast health specialists. Your navigator is here to answer your questions and explain medical procedures. The navigator will also provide comfort, compassion, and emotional support to you and your family.