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Anatomical Pathology

The Anatomical Pathology department routinely operates from 6 am to 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday, and 6 am to noon on Saturday. Pathology staff is readily available for consultation during these hours. After hours, consultation is handled by a pathologist-on-call from the pathology staff. The pathologist-on-call may be reached by dialing a Laboratory Customer Service Representative.

Labeling and Ordering Pathology Specimens

All specimens for Anatomical Pathology must be labeled with the patient's full name, the date and time collection, the source/site of the tissue being submitted, and the patient's location.

An Anatomical Pathology Requisition or a miscellaneous request slip should accompany each specimen submitted. The requisition must include patient demographics, a description of specimens submitted, the method that the specimen was obtained, and a diagnosis and brief history, if applicable. A requisition that is not complete may result in the specimen being rejected.

Result Reporting

Anatomical Pathology reports are issued upon completion to each physician involved in the case or may be faxed as a preliminary report directly to the physician's office. Contact the Pathology Transcriptions and/or Secretary for additional information on facsimile services. Consultation with the pathologist concerning any case may be requested at any time.

Specimen Rejection

The following situations may result in the rejection of a pathology specimen:

  • Specimen submitted without a requisition.
  • Specimen submitted unlabeled.
  • Slide(s) not labeled on frosted end in pencil with patient's full name.
  • Name on specimen and requisition do not match.
  • Specimen inappropriately fixed or stored for transport.
  • Specimen received broken or leaking.
  • Requisition submitted incomplete.


The Methodist Medical Center of Illinois offers pathology consultation. Reports are usually available within 24 hours of receipt of slides, previous reports and blocks.

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