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Our Team

UnityPoint Health – Methodist has built a Birthing Center and team that has your back. Whether your birth is routine, happens sooner than expected or is complicated, we are ready to help you welcome your new baby to the world.

We have a team of experts that works closely with your doctor or midwife. Our certified Level II Nursery with Extended Neonatal capabilities is available to care for your baby in the rare case that he or she has complications.

Choose Our Team for the Expertise You Need

The Birthing Center puts you first. That means making sure everyone involved in your baby's birth is trained in obstetrics and baby-friendly practices to keep you and your baby together as much as possible. This training means you'll have clinical staff who know about labor and your baby's needs, every step of the way. Our specialists include:

  • Obstetric (OB) hospitalists: If an emergency arises unexpectedly, an OB hospitalist will be there to take care of you. These doctors are obstetricians who work out of our hospital. They are specially trained in how to evaluate labor and what's going on with your baby.
  • Perinatologists: Perinatologists are high-risk pregnancy specialists who see patients in our clinic and are available 24/7 in the hospital. If needed, they can care for you throughout your pregnancy. They also handle any unexpected labor complications.
  • Neonatologist: Our perinatologists work closely with a neonatologist, a doctor who cares for babies with complications. The neonatologist is also on-site 24/7.

Labor and Delivery Nurses

All of our nurses are trained in obstetrics, so you'll have your baby surrounded by experts in mom and baby care. Our nursing team is with you through labor and delivery, and they keep you comfortable after your baby is born.

We also keep up on the latest health information, like perinatal mental health (your mental health around and after childbirth). This means we can monitor for signs of postpartum depression and help you understand what to be aware of.

Throughout your birth experience, we're dedicated to respecting your individual choices. We have great relationships with obstetricians, midwives, family medicine physicians and perinatologists. And we communicate and coordinate with your physician or midwife provider.

Lactation Specialists

We make sure you have breastfeeding support at the hospital and beyond. Our team includes several International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).

Our specialists show you how to breastfeed and keep your milk coming in when you are away from your baby. We also have lactation specialists available after you go home. You can connect with them through our breastfeeding support meeting at the hospital or a video chat.

Speech Therapists

Our certified speech therapists help babies learn to eat by coordinating their suck, swallow and breathing reflexes.

Obstetric Hospitalists

True emergencies are rare – most pregnancies proceed without major concerns. But if you have an emergency or early labor, you want to know that your team is ready for anything.

Our in-house OB hospitalists have special training in maternity care. They coordinate day-to-day care in the hospital. And they are always on hand in the department.

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Specially trained anesthesia providers are available in the Birthing Center 24/7 to address pain management needs.

Social Worker

A licensed clinical social worker provides family support and community resources to help meet your family's needs. Our social worker also provides emotional support to new moms and families, with a focus on perinatal mental health.

Perinatology Team

You may know in advance that you have pregnancy risks. Or problems may develop after you're pregnant. We are ready to help you with advanced perinatology services. Perinatology is high-risk obstetric care, also known as maternal-fetal medicine.

Your OB provider will help figure out if you have certain risks and need specialized care. They will refer you to a perinatologist if you need more specialized care during your pregnancy. Our perinatology clinic is conveniently located at the hospital:

UnityPoint Health Perinatology Clinic
221 NE Glen Oak Ave., 5th Floor
Peoria, Illinois 61603

In-House Neonatologist

You may need a neonatologist (a doctor who specializes in care of infants who are premature, small or have serious complications) if you have a C-section, whether it's planned or unexpected. Or your baby may have issues during your labor and delivery. Either way, we are prepared with an in-house neonatologist on-staff 24/7.

Our neonatologists attend all C-section births. They will be ready to evaluate and treat your baby if needed.

Neonatal Unit

It's rare that a baby needs special care. However, some are born prematurely. Others may have difficulties during delivery or show signs of a problem in their first few days.

Our nursery includes the latest equipment for the rare cases where babies have trouble before or during the birth process. Our certified Level II Nursery with Extended Neonatal capabilities cares for babies born at greater than 32 weeks' gestation.

If your baby requires more complex care, we'll guide your family's transition to a facility that can provide the right level of care.

Contact the Birthing Center

Call 309-672-4852 to schedule a tour of the Birthing Center.

For information about childbirth preparation classes, see our Classes and Events page or call 309-671-2522.

Preregister now to reserve your space. Find a midwife or obstetrician.