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Experience the MetaLife Difference

What Makes MetaLife Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

The MetaLife program is designed to preserve muscle mass while achieving long-term weight loss. To avoid slowing down your metabolism, the MetaLife program does not drastically reduce calorie intake. In fact, most patients are surprised by the large quantity of food on the plan. Additionally, MetaLife is certified by the CDC as a Diabetes Prevention Program!

How Your Body Responds to MetaLife

MetaLife is a comprehensive weight management plan that helps patients lose weight and sustain it. Fat and cravings will decrease substantially, while energy, muscle mass, and hormone function are vastly improved. MetaLife converts your body's metabolic machinery to run on the right fuel— fat instead of sugar. By understanding how metabolism, food, and hormones affect weight, you are prepared to begin your final weight loss journey. Explore the science of why MetaLife works.

Benefits of MetaLife

  • Unlock new energy levels
  • Greet the morning rested and recharged
  • Improve your mood without the sugar crash
  • Feel full longer with no cravings
  • Get up and move without the pain
  • Live life inspired and keep the weight off for good

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Begin your final weight loss journey today by calling our office to schedule a personal consultation.