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MAZOR X Robotic Spine Surgery

Only available at UnityPoint Health in partnership with Midwest Orthopaedic.

With minimally-invasive MAZOR X™ robotic technology, world-class spinal surgery is available for the first time in Central Illinois. The Mazor X system is only offered at UnityPoint Health - Methodist and with our partnership with Midwest Orthopaedic we can get you back to what really matters to you.

The Mazor X system consists of sophisticated 3D planning tools and an intra-op guidance system with a precision Surgical Arm indicated for implant and instrument positioning in spine surgery – the core of the Surgical Assurance Platform.

We are changing the way we perform spine surgery to get you back to doing what you love.

Using three integrated processes – planning, guidance and verification – the Mazor X™ Spinal Surgical System provides orthopedic surgeons with accuracy and precision. UnityPoint Health - Methodist is the only local hospital with the latest technology in Orthopedic Surgery – the Mazor X.

Mazor X Align allows surgeons to create a patient-specific correction plan using a virtual weight-bearing CT scan, computerized segmental range-of-motion and a virtual surgical toolbox.

The software, which is part of the Mazor X Pre-Op Analytics suite of tools, allows pre-operative assessment of the impact of correction plan on the patient's posture post-operatively, considering final alignment parameters.

Independent clinical research has shown that minimally-invasive surgery with Mazor Robotics technology:

  • Increases accuracy  

  • Lowers complication rates

  • Reduces postoperative pain

  • Enables faster recovery

Ask your doctor about MAZOR X spinal surgery options, or call (833) 662-3278 to schedule an appointment.