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For Alumni Of Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery

We care about your ongoing transformation in recovery. In 2018 our Alumni group Transform: Your Life, Your Recovery was formed. Transform is a way to connect and grow together in fellowship and support through monthly activities. 

This group strives to:

  • Provide avenues of sharing, fellowship, fun, and group activities with others.
  • Discover new ways of living and enjoying life. 
  • Support you as you transform your life and your recovery.

Please contact Brittany Ott at (309) 212-8349 to learn more about our Alumni group, Transform: Your Life, Your Recovery.

Alumni Testimonials

"I admitted myself to Proctor to learn how to control my drinking. I went through the entire program and came out instead with the basis to start living again. Now my focus is making each of my days well lived and enjoying what my higher power has given me."

"I will forever be grateful to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery as they have played a huge role in helping me to get my life back. When IIAR explained the disease model of addiction, I started to understand that there was a reason I couldn't stop my behaviors, and that there was also a solution! The program helped me to understand that my addiction wasn't an issue of morality or will power, but rather a disease that could be treated and managed. There is no cure to make any addiction go away, but at IIAR they provided me with the tools I need to stay clean and sober one day at a time."

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