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Frequently Asked Questions: Hospital Based Services

What is Hospital Based?

Hospital Based is a national model of practice for integrated healthcare systems like UnityPoint Health. The change translates into clinics becoming a sub-department of the hospital. The benefits of being hospital-based are the extension of services available to patients. UnityPoint Health locations now adopting the hospital outpatient service line are eligible to participate in the Federal 340B Drug Purchasing Program.

What is the Federal 340B Drug Purchasing Program?

The Federally-designed 340B Drug Purchasing Program enables approved nonprofit health care organizations to optimize limited Federal resources as much as possible. This will allow UnityPoint Health to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services. 

Why did many UnityPoint Health locations convert to the Hospital-Based model?

UnityPoint Health is taking proactive steps to ensure high-quality care is available to our patients by converting to a Hospital-Based model. UnityPoint Health is ensuring participation in the 340B Drug Purchasing Program and the opportunity to be adequately reimbursed for all services it provides to help lower the total cost of care. The rising cost of health care and lower reimbursements prompted UnityPoint Health to make this change to reduce the supply cost for patients.

What UnityPoint Health locations are Hospital Based?

  • UnityPoint Health Cardiovascular Services - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Cardiology - Methodist
  • UnityPoint Health Cardiology – Methodist North
  • UnityPoint Health Neurology - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Pulmonology, Critical Care and Sleep Services - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Pediatric Gastroenterology - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Rheumatology - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Wound Care Center - Methodist
  • UnityPoint Health Pain Center - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Vascular Services - Atrium
  • UnityPoint Health Oncology - Methodist
  • UnityPoint Health Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism - Atrium

Will this affect my fees?

The visit fee will be broken into two components - a Professional Fee and a Facility Fee. The patient's insurance plan coverage will be applied to both fees. If outstanding balances remain, they will be billed to the patient.

 *Only Medicare patients will see two statement charges for Professional and Facility Fees. All non-Medicare patients will see one charge combining Professional and Facility Fees. Depending on your insurance, there may be an additional co-pay or coinsurance for a visit. This billing model, called Provider Based, complies with specific Medicare regulations and is a national model of practice for integrated healthcare delivery systems such as UnityPoint Health.

What if I'm confused about the bills I get in the mail?

If you have questions or concerns on billing, please call the phone number on your statement.

What if I am having trouble paying my medical bills?

Assistance is available for patients struggling to pay medical bills. UnityPoint Health's Financial Assistance Program offers payment plans, discounted or free health care. If you have any questions or would like to discuss eligibility, call Patient Financial Coordinators at (309) 672-4858.