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Gambling Addiction

Youth gambling addiction is growing.

The statistics are alarming. A survey of adolescents found that more than 80 percent of those between 12 and 17 say they have gambled in the last 12 months. More than 35 percent say they gamble at least once a week. Clearly, gambling addiction is not just an adult problem.

Adolescent Gambling Prevention Program

The Don't Gamble Away Our Future program has been in existence since 2004 and has been presented to over 45,000 students in Illinois to date. This prevention and education program is most commonly provided in the school setting to students ages 8-18 years of age. This interactive session aids students in exploring the impact of gambling at home, school and in the community and directs students to additional resources for support.

If you are interested in learning more about the gambling prevention program, please contact Brittany Ott at (309) 671-8014.

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