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UnityPoint Health - Methodist

Child Life Practicum

The Child Life Team at UnityPoint Health-Methodist offers a 10-week practicum experience. Our department is committed to providing quality learning and training experience for future Child Life Specialists. Our practicum is designed to help familiarize student with the hospital and prepare student for success in their Child Life Internship. Through the practicum experience, students are given the opportunities to observe and become familiar with the field of Child Life and the hospital setting. 

Thank you for your interest in our practicum program. Child Life Specialists at UnityPoint Health – Methodist provide care to pediatric patients throughout the hospital. Patients are seen by Certified Child Life Specialists on the inpatient pediatrics unit, and in outpatient areas, including Medical Imaging, Surgery and Endoscopy, Emergency Department, Outpatient Lab, and EEG. Additionally, the Child Life Team provides support to children of adult patients in the CVICU, ICU, and Labor and Delivery when a family member is seriously ill or dying.

UnityPoint Health-Methodist offers a 120 hour practicum, scheduled over 10 weeks. All practicum students must be affiliated with a university/college at the time of the practicum. Included in the practicum will be education in-services and direct patient and family care. Student will have the opportunity to become familiar with medical play, pre-operative and pre-and post-procedural preparation and education, facilitating positive coping, planning and supervising developmentally appropriate activities and working with individuals and groups. The practicum is designed to facilitate the student's professional growth by participation as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team.

Our department has varied responsibilities for patient care. The practicum schedule may require evening commitments. 

We look forward to receiving your completed application. If you have any questions, please click on the links at left for more information or to contact us.

Practicum Information

Application Process

Individuals interested in the Child Life Practicum Program should follow the time schedule for application procedure.

Fall Semester Practicum

  • Application Due: June 15
  • Practicum Dates: September - November

Spring Semester Practicum

  • Application Due: November 15
  • Practicum Dates: February - April


1. Click here to download the application. Please remember, all students must be affiliated with a university/college during their practicum.

2. Please mail your application along with the following items:

  • A current resume 
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript(s)
  • Letter from your supervisor(s) from your hospital volunteer experience verifying 60 volunteer hours and volunteer duties
  • Two letters of reference in sealed, signed envelopes

3. We strongly recommend that applicants have a student membership with the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP).


An interview is required for practicum selection. You may be contacted for an interview, after your application, transcript, and recommendations are reviewed. If it is impossible to arrange an onsite interview, one can be arranged via video call.


Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

Following Acceptance

The following vaccinations or tests and screenings need to be completed and documented by your school or family doctor prior to your start date:

  • Proof of current vaccinations/skin tests
  • Proof of Flu Shot
  • Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check


No stipend is paid to the Child Life student; parking is free of charge.


May be purchased or department copies may be used by the student.


Child Life students are required to complete one hundred and twenty (120) hours over ten (10) weeks.