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Baby-Friendly First Days

The UnityPoint Health – Methodist Birthing Center's baby-friendly first days give you and your family a relaxing environment that promotes bonding. Here, you can settle in with your new baby with limited interruptions.

At Methodist, we practice rooming-in, where your baby stays with you for everything. If you do need a little extra rest, our staff will help you with your little one. For peace of mind, we have all necessary medical technology available in our maternity rooms, out of sight unless it is needed.

Choose Us for a Baby-Friendly Hospital Stay

The Birthing Center has gone the extra mile and is on the Baby Friendly pathway to becoming certified. Certification means we work with our patients and the community to support breastfeeding.

Our support starts as soon as the baby is born. Our specially trained lactation specialists and nurses help you breastfeed right away. We continue to help you when you move into your postpartum room. If you are a little nervous or have problems, we'll give you extra help. Learn more about breastfeeding support.

Rooming-In With Support: Our Baby-Friendly Approach

We get you settled into your postpartum room as soon as possible, with individualized care focused on your preferences.

You and your baby share the same nurse, and you'll be together 24 hours a day so you can breastfeed whenever your baby is hungry. We provide one-on-one lactation support..

Other aspects of our baby-friendly first days include:

Family-Centered Assistance

Our Birthing Center focuses on your whole family. We encourage your birth partner and your baby's siblings to bond with your baby in your comfortable room. Learn more about our policies regarding visitors and your hospital stay.

Your nurse will include family members in discussions or issues concerning the birth of your baby or afterward. After you give birth, your nurse will teach you various types of baby care, including:

  • Swaddled developmental bath (a bathing technique to help your baby grow)
  • Cord care
  • Circumcision care
  • Feeding
  • Soothing
  • Newborn characteristics

Minimizing Interruptions

We know you want to spend time alone with your baby. We'll make sure you have quality care with as few interruptions as possible.

Your baby's doctor and nurses will need to monitor you and baby during your stay. Your baby's doctor will stop by to see you and give the baby his or her first exam. Your mother/baby nurse will help you learn to take care of yourself and your baby after labor.

Your nurse will do assessments, including:

  • Initial assessment and exam
  • Reflexes
  • Daily weight check
  • Feedings
  • Wet and soiled diapers
  • Jaundice

Breastfeeding Support

When it comes to breastfeeding, Methodist is with you from beginning to end. Our classes and lactation consultants will help you understand the importance of breastfeeding and how to do it. We'll make sure you have a chance to breastfeed right away.

We won't give other food or bottle-feed unless it's medically necessary. We have programs that are convenient for you after you go home, including Milk Drop-In meetings and video lactation consultations.

In very limited circumstances, women aren't able to breastfeed exclusively. And some women should not breastfeed due to medical conditions, medications or other reasons. If that's the case, we'll help you find the best alternative to get your baby the nourishment he or she needs. We'll also connect you with resources that will help you after you leave the hospital.

Read more about our extensive breastfeeding support programs.

Coordinated Post-Delivery Discharge Process

Our mom-and-baby nurse will work with you and your provider to get you ready to go home. We'll make sure you know about common issues that new moms may experience and when to reach out for help.

Find out more about making your transition to home comfortable and safe when you bring baby home.

Contact the Birthing Center

Call 309-672-4852 to schedule a tour of the Birthing Center.

For information about childbirth preparation classes, see our Classes and Events page or call 309-671-2522.

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