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Congratulations to the 2020 ICare Employees of the Year


Join us in congratulating our 2020 ICare Employees of the Year, Brent Foster, Adam Holt, RN, and Daylan Garza.

Patient Care

Brent Foster, Chaplain


Brent Foster comes to work with a smile and he is always found in the hallways encouraging others, sometimes with corny jokes, bringing a smile to others.

He has been a part of the UPH Pastoral Care as a chaplain for over 20 years. He has 3 adult sons and 7 grandchildren. He and his wife Sandra have been married for 34 years.

His team members talk about the wonderful way he talks with patients and listens to the them during times of crisis as though they were his own family members. He is also worried about the well being of the team members who are involved in difficult cases and helps them with debriefing and providing emotional support to staff after stressful situations.

Brent’s manager talks of his very special way of acknowledging the pain of others while seeking their cooperation. He brings a warm demeanor to his work, whether listening, singing, laughing with or crying with patients and families, he can connect with people providing exceptional care.

Outside of work Brent serves as a volunteer Police Chaplain, a Board Member of the Peoria Rescue Mission, and as an Associate Pastor at St. Paul’s Church.

Congratulations Brent!

"Brent has such an accepting and non-judgmental demeanor. He treats everyone with the same care and respect. His interest is in the person and he listens not only to what they say but what they don't say as well. Brent strives to help people of all cultures and beliefs and finds ways to make them comfortable and at ease. Brent's ability to calm a patient/ family is truly amazing and is his gift. He extends himself to staff by eating lunch with them, making corny jokes in the hallway, talking sports, etc. His goal is to make as many people comfortable to approach him if they have any concerns, they would like to discuss with him. Brent has shown so many acts of kindness over the years. I have personally been a recipient of his selfless giving. You will NEVER hear him discuss them or toot his own horn. With all sincerity, respect, and adoration, Brent is an amazing person."

"Brent comes to work with a smile, and he is always found in the hallways encouraging others and bringing a smile to others. He cares for staff, patients and their families_ always looking for their best interest. He mentors other chaplains and never judges anyone. He is a true blessing to this organization."


Adam Holt, RN - 8 West


Adam Holt listens to his patients and their families, tries to help and work with then during their crisis. He has a great sense of humor and brightens others day.

He has been at UnityPoint for almost twelve years, working on the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit. Starting out as a Mental Health Associate, Adam worked full time and graduated as an RN in 2018 from Methodist College. His mother, stepmother, and brother all have supported and been instrumental in his life.

Adam’s team members talk about his leadership and the work he does on unit councils to make positive changes for the unit. He is a role model in crisis situations and a leader in de-escalation.

His manager talks about Adam taking Develop U courses to strengthen his leadership knowledge and is a preceptor, lead RN, and does a great job with patients and families. They are grateful to have him on their team!

Outside of work when able he participates in events held by the Peoria Chapter of RWB- an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of military veterans.

Congratulations Adam!

"Adam started on our unit as a Mental Health Associate and then went to nursing school and has grown into a great lead nurse, mentor and preceptor. He serves on unit councils and has been working on a Behavioral Health Preceptor Retreat Committee. Adam shares his ideas with others and helps provide constructive feedback to others. Adam is able to stay calm in a crisis situation and is a leader in de-escalation. Adam is a good role model who lives up to the Mission and Values of UnityPoint. Adam has a great sense of humor and brightens others day. I have enjoyed seeing Adam grow into his role as a leader on our unit. He is able to think outside the box and is proactive when faced with difficult problems that arise."

"Adam is involved in too many councils for me to list, and he cares about making positive changes to our unit. He is a hard worker and encourages teamwork amongst his peers. Adam is wonderful with our patients and is a role model for his peers."


Daylan Garza - HR Assistant


Daylan Garza is the face and voice of the HR department for the region. He greets people in person on the Methodist campus and by phone for our other campuses. He helps team members with various HR issues, is our GO TO person in the HR department for so many various tasks and processes and helps support our Culture Ambassadors, as well as being the Culture Ambassador for the HR Department. He truly lives our values in every interaction. When Daylan isn’t working, or on those days he covers at Proctor, people will come in and want to know where Daylan is and when he will be back! We in HR hear all the time how much people love working with Daylan.

Daylan has been with UPH for 7 years starting out in Food Service and the Cafeteria before joining the Human Resource Team. People remember his smile and positive attitude from working in the café. He is grateful for the support of his parents Tina and Marcos. His Dad has been with UPH for over 30 years and is a past Employee of the Month winner as well. He has commented before that he remembered when his dad received the award thinking that he too wanted to achieve that someday.

His team members talk of his positivity and words of encouragement. Team members from all departments rely on Daylan for assistance and efficient communication. He is enthusiastic about his job and we often catch him singing during the day! He brings pure joy to work and is always willing to help-no matter what.

He is part of the UPH Young Professionals and the UPH-LGBTQ Employee Resource Group.

Congratulations Daylan!

"Daylan is enthusiastic every day about his job - in fact we often catch him singing. He brings pure joy to work and is always willing to lend help."

"Daylan lives our FOCUS values on a daily basis. I am truly grateful to work with Daylan. Whenever asked a question, he responds quickly and in such a positive manner. Our team members enjoy visiting Daylan when they come to the Methodist HR front desk for help. He Foster's Unity by being the face of HR: team members from all departments rely on Daylan for HR assistance and efficient communication. When I ask questions, he responds almost immediately, even though he is very busy at the Methodist HR Front Desk. He is our department's Culture Ambassador; he brings forward important communication and does so with positivity and amazing energy. I feel blessed to work with Daylan and so thankful he Owns the Moment with each and every team member he assists."