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8 Ways to Beat Postpartum Fatigue

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With a new bundle of joy comes new responsibilities and challenges. A growing family can leave mom feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted. What is the best way to combat this stress and exhaustion? Follow these eight tips and focus on taking care of yourself to show fatigue who is boss.

1. Rest When Your Baby Sleeps

Chances are, if your little one is tired then you are, too. Take a hint and get some much-needed sleep whenever your baby hits the hay. Avoid focusing on cleaning, cooking, or anything else besides your baby's well-being, as well as your own. Sit quietly, journal, or meditate if you can't get any shuteye.

2. Drink Up

Make water your drink of choice during this hectic time. Stay hydrated to not only boost your mood, but also give you more energy throughout the day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drinking an adequate amount of water also helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate and cushion your joints, protect your spinal cord, and eliminate waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements.

3. Get Moving

Pencil in a sweat session to beat that new mother fatigue. The CDC reports that postpartum women should participate in moderate exercise for 150 minutes per week for a healthy heart and lungs, happier moods, and increased energy levels. Break this time into 10 or 20-minute increments to make exercise manageable.

4. Accept Support

You don't have to be Superwoman! Allow a friend or family member to watch the baby while you shower, take a nap, run errands, etc. Friends and family may also offer to clean the house, cook dinner, or throw in a few loads of laundry. Help yourself by letting them help you.

5. Choose Visitors Wisely

If you surround yourself with the right people, it can make a world of difference when it comes to postpartum fatigue. It is important to accept others’ help, but it is just as crucial to know when to say "no" to a visit. In addition, bond with your new baby to help you focus less on how tired you are and more about how rewarding it is to care for your little one.

6. Clean Up

Take a shower, comb your hair, and get dressed in the morning. You will not only feel more awake, but more like yourself prior to giving birth. Fall back into a comfortable morning routine to help you feel more in control of your day, even when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

7. Leave the House

Your home is your safe haven, but it's important to leave the nest, too. Run errands, get a haircut or take your baby for a walk around the neighborhood. Avoid monotony and stress by switching up your days and completing other tasks when you feel up to it.

8. Spend Time with Other Adults

You might be a mother, but you might also be a wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc. Spend time with other adults to help you keep your other identities as a person. Hire a babysitter every once in a while to allow yourself to let loose and have fun with other adults and ultimately help you be a better mom.

Although your new baby requires much of your love and attention, it's important you take the time to love yourself, too, and make time to focus on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

UnityPoint Health - Methodist Wants You to Feel Prepared

Finding out you have a little one on the way is exciting news! Knowing what steps to take next can seem overwhelming, however. Methodist's Pregnancy Guide is a useful resource for you and your bundle of joy. Both childbirth and newborn classes can prepare you for what to expect during and after pregnancy. While exhaustion is a part of life after baby, only you know your body. If you feel your fatigue symptoms are not improving with the help of our Pregnancy Guide or after a schedule is developed for you and baby, reach out to your doctor. The doctors at UnityPoint Health - Methodist are ready to help with your transition to parenthood. Find the right doctor for you and baby today.