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UnityPoint Health® Now Offering High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Clinic


UnityPoint Health® Oncology is introducing a new resource to the Breast Health Center. A High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Clinic is now offering personalized risk assessments, surveillance, and customized preventative treatment. The clinic follows the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for optimum care and effectiveness.

“We’re proud to offer this new service to the community and have the potential to save many lives. We always educate routine check-ups because the earlier cancer is detected, the greater the chance of beating it. Now, we no longer need to wait for cancer to be detected. If a patient is considered high-risk due to genetics or lifestyle choices, then we can individually assess and educate the patient on their likelihood of developing breast cancer and develop a personalized plan on what we can do to minimize the risk,” says Anne Bowman, Director of Oncology.

Eligible patients seeking care at the High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Clinic may have a hereditary genetic mutation increasing their risk for breast cancer. Potential patients should visit the clinic for initial screening to detect the mutation. Key elements for individuals to be aware of and report during their screening are family members with a history of cancer including male breast cancer and non-breast health related cancers.

“After the initial evaluation and any screenings or additional testing if needed, we strategize a proactive preventative plan for the patient. This looks different for everyone. For some it may be small lifestyle changes like eating healthier, exercising more, higher frequency in screenings throughout the year, and for others who may have a more aggressive serious risk for breast cancer it may be risk-reducing surgery. Regardless of where the patient would fall in this spectrum we offer them close surveillance with frequent contact and screenings. Our goal is to prevent cancer and we want our patients to know they don’t need to tackle this alone. It’s about actively working together to decrease their chances as much as possible,” Bowman says.

The clinic’s care team works with a wide array of specialists and health professionals for the most effective preventative plan such as nutritionists, surgeons, and oncologists. 

The clinic is located at 900 Main Street, Suite 100, Peoria, IL 61636. For more information or to schedule an appointment call (309) 672-4202.