Wellness Wednesday: Myth Buster

Wellness Wednesday: Myth Buster

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Myth Buster

Fitness information is all over the internet and trying to sort through what is a fact and what is a myth can be a difficult task. For every fitness truth, there is usually a fitness myth floating around. Below are 3 common myths that can come across regularly.

  1. Spot reduction: People often believe that if they just do crunches all day that their stomach will magically shrink. The body cannot lose fat from just one spot. Fat cells are across our whole body and if you want to lose fat from specific areas you will have to lose overall body fat. Incorporating all aspects of health such as cardio, strength training, and nutrition is the way to get results.
  2. Static stretching before a workout: This may be the most surprising fad to people because we have always been taught to stretch before working out. Dynamic stretching, such as high knees and butt kicks to loosen up the muscles before a workout are what really help prevent injury. Static stretching, when you hold a certain position for a length of time, is not ideal before a workout. This type of stretching is more beneficial to do after a workout.
  3. If women lift weights, they will get bulky: Women do not have the amount of testosterone needed to become super bulky from average strength training. You are not going to accidentally become bulky; to build that amount of muscle an extreme amount of time, effort, and genetics is needed.

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