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Finding Answers, Finding Peace

Michelle Armbruster

Michelle Armbruster does not spend time fussing about herself. She is a busy bee. As a library director, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping build library resources for her community. And as a mom, she puts her life on hold to care for ill relatives. But that all changed when Armbruster was a patient at the new UnityPoint Health Suspicion of Cancer Clinic where she met a team committed to her every need.

“I went to see my family doctor because I had lots of pain in my neck. He ran blood tests. The results showed nothing abnormal, so the next step was a sonogram. I ended up having a sonogram on my thyroid that revealed I had nodules. I then had to search for a provider that would book me for a biopsy to help me see if they were cancerous or not,” Armbruster says.

Doctors in the area didn’t have an available appointment for months. Armbruster was anxious to have a biopsy as quickly as possible because cancer is a relevant illness in her family. As she began to lose her voice and the pain continued she ran into a friend who knew about the Suspicion of Cancer Clinic and advised her to give them a call. A few days later she had an appointment to see Dr. Shawn Seibert.

“He got in me in very quickly and he took care of everything. He scheduled me for a scope with an ENT, and a CAT scan for my throat and chest. Dr. Seibert personally called me to keep me in the loop of all my test results and he also coordinated all my care with my endocrinologist and primary care provider,” she says.

It was a joyous moment when Armbruster learned she was cancer free.

“I’m so thankful I ran into my friend. It all happened so quickly. It’s a wonderful place for people having trouble seeing anyone because lots of times doctors won’t see you until several months and it’s hard when you want to know if you have cancer or not,” she says.

Armbruster will have thyroid surgery but the clinic hasn’t let her off the hook in managing this journey on her own. She’s scheduled to return in several months for further testing to ensure everything is still in order.

“They listened, understood my concern and knew it was so frustrating for me to get tests done. They jumped into action saying okay this is what we need to do, here’s our plan, and they just got it started,” she said, “You know your body more than anyone else. If something feels wrong go, see the doctor and have someone to help you.”

Ask your physician for a referral to the UnityPoint Health Suspicion of Cancer Clinic for any possible cancerous results.