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Ankle and Foot Surgery at Methodist and Proctor

Your ankles and feet are complex, made up of 26 bones and 33 joints. Just one part of your foot supports half of your body weight. People ask a lot of these joints — and that can result in conditions ranging from bunions to heel pain.

When you need surgery for an ankle or foot problem, UnityPoint Health has the latest in expertise and technology. We'll get you through your ankle or foot surgery and on to a strong recovery.

Why Choose Us for Ankle and Foot Surgery?

Your care team focuses on orthopedics. When it comes to the complex structures of your feet and ankles, we have the expertise you need, conveniently located. At our hospitals, you'll find:

  • Concierge-style treatment: Our new Midwest Orthopaedic Hospital at UnityPoint Health – Proctor is a surgery center within a hospital. When you have surgery here, you'll find:
    • Midwest Orthopaedics partnership to provide modern, high-quality care
    • Conveniently located services, with pre-op to discharge all on the first floor
  • Satisfaction: People who have surgery here feel comfortable about their care. They tell us that they appreciate our team and our communication. They're happy about how well their doctors explain what to do.
  • Physical therapy services: You can continue your recovery with outpatient physical therapy. Learn more about the expert staff and physical therapy services at our hospitals.

Foot and Ankle Conditions We Treat

Your podiatrist will try nonsurgical treatments before referring you to a surgeon. We offer surgery for many common foot problems, including:

  • Bunions: Bunions are bony lumps at the base of the big toe and side of your foot. Doctors may recommend bunion surgery (osteotomy) to straighten your toe and foot.
  • Hammertoes: In this condition, the toe bends at the middle joint (second, third or fourth toe). Your surgeon may reposition tendons or remove part of ligaments or bone.
  • Ankle arthritis: People with arthritis have pain and stiffness from normal wear and tear or immune system illness. Surgical treatments include fusing bones together, replacing the ankle joint or removing damaged tissue.
  • Plantar fasciitis: This condition causes pain on the bottom of your heel caused by irritation or inflammation in the band of tissue that supports your arch. Your doctor may recommend surgery to lengthen your calf muscles or release ligaments in your foot.

Contact Us

Call UnityPoint Health – Peoria Orthopedic Services at 833-662-3278 with questions or to set up an appointment.

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