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Financial Assistance 

Policies and Applications 

Read or download our hospital financial assistance policy, billing and collections policy and financial assistance application

Community Care Program

Do You Need Help With Your Hospital Bill?

We are proud of our long-standing commitment to serving our patients, regardless of ability to pay. We also know that some patients may need help to pay their medical bills. If you need help, call one of the numbers below and let us know:

  • For help with a hospital bill with any service prior to May 3, 2014, please call 309-672-4800 or 1-800-845-0231.
  • For help with a hospital bill with service dates May 3, 2014, and after, please contact 1-800-777-8645.
  • If you are in need of financial assistance with any service date prior to May 3, 2014, please call 309-672-4809 or 888-772-5351.
  • For financial assistance on accounts with service dates May 3, 2014, and after call 800-777-8645.

When you are under medical care, you should concentrate on getting well. If you need assistance with any financial concerns, just ask and we will be there for you.

We can help you by:

  • Checking your insurance coverage to see if your insurance will cover services, how much they will cover and what needs to be done to make sure they honor your benefits.
  • Identifying any non-covered services, any additional information you need to provide your insurance for payment, and any other out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for.
  • Helping you complete the forms your insurance company or your employer needs.
  • Helping you apply for Public Aid (medical assistance), explaining how it works and what you need to do, and helping you give Public Aid the information they need.
  • Setting up payment plans which are fair and equitable. UnityPoint Health does not charge interest, service charges or late fees.
  • Helping you apply for UnityPoint Health's Community Care Program. We understand that some people are unable to pay for their medical and hospital services. That is why UnityPoint Health  and UnityPoint Clinic set up the Community Care Program. It provides quality medical care free or at discounted rates for those in need. The following are some general guidelines about the program:
    • UnityPoint Health  provides charitable services for persons requiring non-elective healthcare based on federal standards adjusted for our community.
    • Your eligibility is based on a review of your family income. You will need to fill out an application (click here to download the application) and provide documentation about your income during the last 12 months. We will also ask questions about assets, including savings and investments. A reasonable amount of those assets may be applied to your bill before we can determine discounted or free care. We do not look at any assets considered part of the "homestead exemption" such as your house or car. A representative in Patient Accounts can explain more about this. They may be reached at the phone numbers above.
    • If you believe you are disabled and/or if you have dependent children in your home, please apply for Public Aid before considering additional help from the Community Care Program.
    • Discounted/Community Care will be approved only after all third party insurance payments, Workers' Compensation, Public Aid, or other payments are received.
    • We will determine if you are eligible for UnityPoint Health's Community Care Program within 60 working days after we receive your application. If for some reason we can not make a determination during this time, we will notify you by letter or telephone as to the reason for the delay.
    • We will keep all information you provide us in strict confidence. Every effort is made to ensure your privacy.

Medicaid Assistance Program (Hospital Services Only)

Some patients who do not have insurance may qualify for help from the state. We can help you work through this process. For more information, call 309-672-4956.

Time Payment

If your financial means are limited, you may be eligible for a monthly payment plan. UnityPoint Health does not charge interest to those who qualify.

Assessing Your Need

At some point during your care, a member of the Financial Assistance Team may contact you about your financial status. It is their job to help you understand your insurance coverage or need for financial help. Please feel free to ask questions. We are here to help - with understanding and compassion, and to make sure your privacy is well protected.

If you want to talk with us by phone, you can call us at any of the numbers listed above.

The UnityPoint Health Matching Program

The UnityPoint Health Matching Program helps you use inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic services at UnityPoint Health, even if UnityPoint Health is considered "out-of-network" under your insurance plan.

No out-of-pocket expense

With the Matching Program, you do not have any out-of-pocket expense on procedures done at UnityPoint Health. That's because we absorb all out-of-network penalties ordinarily charged by your insurance company if you go to an out-of-network hospital.

We make it easy for you to use UnityPoint Health 

At UnityPoint Clinic, we want to make it easier for you to use UnityPoint Health because:

  • We know and trust the specialists and staff 
  • Our computers are linked for the fastest access to your medical records and test results.

Call the Matching Hotline

Take advantage of the UnityPoint Health Matching Program. Call our Matching Hotline at (309) 671-2106 or 866-390-6624 to find out how you can make UnityPoint Health your hospital of choice!

Please note: Medicaid, Medicare, HMOs, and some other insurance plans are not eligible for this program. If you are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or other insurance, your out-of-pocket co-payments will still be required for services received from UnityPoint Health. This program is for inpatient and outpatient hospital services only and does not include physician fees.