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ACR Accredited

ACR accreditation is the gold standard for medical imaging quality. UPH-Peoria currently has four MRI facilities that have earned ACR accreditation! We aim to provide the highest quality care & imaging for every patient that walks through our doors!

Choosing an ACR accredited facility ensures a few different things. One, your center has voluntarily undergone a rigorous inspection to ensure they're providing quality services. Two, the personnel are highly qualified and capable of handling you. Three, the equipment is up to par.

ACR Accredited Sites

Proctor Outpatient imaging Hitachi site M238 (MRAP 53584-2) Due 03/19/18 –Head, MRA, Body, Spine, Ortho

Proctor Outpatient imaging Achieva site ID 537033 (MRAP 53584) – Valid October 2016-October 2019- Head, Spine, Ortho

Methodist North – site ID 309683MNMR750 (MRAP 5116) – Valid August 2017-August 2020-Head, MRA, Body, Spine, Ortho

MDC – site ID 309672MR3T (MRAP 01796)-Valid September 2015-September 2018-Head, MRA, Body, Spine, Ortho

MDC Breast – site ID 309672MR3T (BMRAP 50721) – Valid December 2015-December 2018

Methodist Main – site ID 309672MR450W (MRAP 04982) – Valid June 2015-June 2018 due 02/19/18-Head, MRA, Body, Spine, Ortho