UnityPoint Health | Nurses Week

Bringing Our Compassion into Focus

UnityPoint Health nurses show their knowledge, skills and compassion across the system in a variety of roles. They work long hours on their feet to provide the best care possible to our patients. UnityPoint Health nurses are the first smiling faces patients meet and the last ones they see when going home. Here is a glimpse of the different roles UnityPoint Health nurses perform to provide the Best Outcome Every Patient Every time.

Hospital Nurse

Working in the hospital setting is often the most intense and high adrenaline option for nurses. Some of these nurses work in emergency care, handling critical patients who are rushed in after experiencing trauma or serious injury.

The demand for Medical-Surgical nurses in the hospital setting is also high. They often manage large numbers of patients with multiple diagnoses, across multiple medical specialties. Medical-Surgical nurses makes up the largest subset in the nursing profession.

Hospitals nurses also take charge in the delivery room to watch over moms as they welcome their new bundles of joy. A labor and delivery nurse times contractions, helps administer medication and provides coaching and emotional support.

Other nurses work in more specialized care service areas within the hospital walls. Those include the intensive care unit, surgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, cardiology, cancer care, the gastrointestinal lab, and psychology among others.

Clinic Nurse

Clinic nurses provide day-to-day patient care by taking patient's vitals, administering testing, blood work and injections, and recording health information pertinent to the visit. These nurses talk to patients and their families about their care plans, explain medications, and discuss any future treatments. Clinic nurses care for patients of all ages and conditions. These nurses work alongside providers to get you back to everyday life, as quickly as possible.

Clinic nurses provide services in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics among others. There's even one wing of nurses who focus on reaching out to patients on the phone to help them best manage their diabetes diagnosis. This team offers support, education and challenges patients to establish their own health goals. One of their main focuses is helping providers ensure their patients receive the care and attention they need during their visit.

Home Care Nurse

Home care nurses work with patients directly in their homes, which can include nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They care for patients of all ages and conditions; whether recovering from a hospital stay, undergoing rehabilitation therapy, living with disability or chronic and terminal illness. These nurses assess the patient's condition, check their vitals, and help put together their care plan. They can also help patients manage prescriptions and provide education about their condition. Home care nurses communicate and coordinate with the patient's provider and health care team members to make any recommendations or provide updates on their care.

UnityPoint Health Nursing Educators

While UnityPoint Health nurses serve as educators in hospital, clinic and home settings, they also impart their knowledge to future nurses who are studying at the collegiate level. Nurses take on the roles of professors within four colleges affiliated with UnityPoint Health Hospitals. The four colleges are Allen College in Waterloo, Methodist College in Peoria, St. Luke's College in Sioux City and Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences in Rock Island. Each offers a variety of degrees and programs in a modern educational setting that focuses on giving personalized attention to each student.

The faculty members at each college have practice experience to guide their lesson plans. Some even play dual roles, teaching at a college and working in another nursing capacity, such as in a hospital or as a parish nurse. These nursing educators want to inspire future nurses, sharing their skills and knowledge and motivating the students to make a difference in the health care field.

Call Center Nurse

Nurses work in many different settings within UnityPoint Health. My UnityPoint Nurse provides 24/7, 365 days a year, telephonic access to Registered Nurses who assist callers in accessing the appropriate level of care for their individual health care needs. The call center staff provides services to the community, as well as acting as an extension of our UnityPoint Clinic offices. It's as simple as calling your primary care provider's office and connecting with a nurse after normal clinic hours.

My UnityPoint Nurse provides health information, referrals to a provider or community resource, and/or a clinical assessment to guide caller to the most appropriate level of care.

These nurses are skilled at critical thinking, clinical assessment and bring years of patient care experience. They excel at listening to patient's concerns, answering questions and offering guidance to provide all patients with the best care possible.

Thank You, Nurses!

No matter the role or the setting, we want to give a huge "Thank You" to all UnityPoint Health nurses for everything they do. We know it is nearly impossible to excel at something unless our nurses are passionate about it. When nurses love their chosen work, it is evident to patients, families and colleagues. Our nurses make UnityPoint Health a great place to work and a destination health care organization, where leaders want to lead, physicians want to practice, staff want a career and patients must have their care.