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ER - Madison

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Nurses Gave Me Great Comfort

June 3, 2016

On the Friday before Memorial Day, I learned in a clinic visit that my baby's heart was no longer beating. I was having my second miscarriage. Heartbroken and stunned, I decided to go forth and have a D&C done that same evening with my doctor. She was willing to squeeze me in at the end of clinic so I didn’t have to wait over a holiday weekend to have the procedure. For that I was so grateful. Despite a terribly emotional time, I could not be more appreciative of the care we received from the perioperative nurses and team. Each of them took a moment to talk to my husband and I about what we were going through, express their care and concern for our emotional situation and ensure we would be well taken care of...which we were. Sandra from the OR was so sweet to me as she wheeled me into the OR. She gave me great comfort. Ruth in the PACU was absolutely wonderful; she was so good to me addressing my pain and discomfort as I woke up. Last, was Belinda, my discharging nurse--I felt like she went above and beyond for me at the end of her day and no request was too much. I was so out of it while I was recovering, but I wanted to make sure each of them knew that the care they provided was memorable and made a difference to me. I ended up coming back to the ED the following Tuesday due to complications. I was super bummed to be back, but the happiest moment for me was that Belinda came to pre-op to give me a big hug before I went back for my second procedure. I requested to have her as my recovery nurse again, but she was going home. I felt lucky to have her as my nurse…I felt like she really cared about my husband and I and wanted to make sure we were okay. There were many others involved in my care, but those three stood out to me. Meriter is lucky to have them on their staff, but their patients are even luckier.

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