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The Most Amazing Doctor and Nurse - Dr. Kraske

January 3, 2017

As I left the Meriter Clinic today from Middleton, I couldn't help the tears from falling for the most amazing doctor and his nurse! Dr. Kraske and his nurse, Jennifer. During a visit to the office, I had explained to Jennifer that I had fallen on some hard times and was struggling with making ends meet. I was also struggling with some depression and feeling like I was alone in my struggles. Jennifer was very kind, caring and sympathetic over my situation and made me feel like I mattered to her. Out of her caring, kind heart, Jennifer gave me a gift out of her pocket to help me put gas in my car. With a grateful heart and tears, I left the office. The next morning, I get a call from Dr. Kraske's office and it was Jennifer. She asked that I stop by the office. Bless her heart.... she had brought some food to the office for me to take home and she had also spoke with Dr. Kraske about the situation. Both of them and their donations have made me feel that there are still people out there that care. Not only did I always get great medical attention when I needed it, I also got two caring individuals. I would highly recommend these two get some kind of recognition for their kind, caring actions.. and words of encouragement. Unfortunately, due to loss of my income, I will no longer be able to have insurance with Unity Point and Meriter. I am extremely happy to have known these two remarkable people that make you feel like you are special. I am sad to no longer be able to have the wonderful care and concern from this Doctor and Nurse. I strongly recommend if you are looking for a caring doctor and nurse, you will want to meet these two remarkable people. I will miss them!

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