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ER - Madison

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As first time parents, Meriter went above and beyond our expectations

July 24, 2017

As fist time parents, my husband and I were definitely overwhelmed with all of the love, responsibility and pure fear as we started our adventure with our baby. The only thing that made us feel confident and prepared as we were getting ready to make our transition home with a baby was the fantastic care I, my husband, and our baby received while staying in the postpartum department at Meriter Hospital. Every single nurse that took care of us went above and beyond what we expected, we honestly couldn't believe that so many wonderful people were employed in one department! The attention and encouragement we received while staying at Meriter was incredible, not only did the nurses take fantastic care of a new mom after a c-section, but also my baby, who lost a little too much weight after birth and needed a little special feeding attention. My husband wanted to be as involved as possible as a new dad and everyone made him feel welcome and important, while dishing out just enough encouragement to give him the confidence he needed before we headed home. We could not be more thankful for the care we received and thank the entire department from the bottom of our hearts for their dedication and compassion.

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