MyMeriter Story

They were all so wonderful, and we are so grateful!

February 27, 2017

My son was born in January. We knew I would likely have a fast labor, but a middle of the night start, and a snowstorm made the time go even faster. We parked in the ramp of Meriter at 3:11 and my son was born at 3:24. Without Meriter's incredible staff, his birth could have been very scary and dangerous for him and me! Our gratitude goes to the wonderful security guard who met us at the door with a wheelchair. He was kind, compassionate, and got us where we needed to be very quickly! I also greatly appreciated his sense of humor, keeping my husband and I as calm as possible. My thanks also goes out to the entire labor and delivery team, including the amazing nurses. I delivered in triage and they had a team of highly skilled people within the room in seconds after I arrived. They were all so wonderful, and we are so grateful!!!  

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