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ER - Madison

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Many thanks to my outstanding physical therapist!

May 3, 2016

Many thanks to my outstanding physical therapist, Colleen Dunahep! I am most grateful to Colleen who oversaw my post surgical PT sessions following hip replacement surgery. Colleen was professional, a great coach and helped me learn and advance my therapy. I also found her bedside manner wonderful and she laughed at all my jokes, even the ones where I accused her of losing count of my reps. Most importantly, however, was Colleen's quick and decisive actions when I became lightheaded in the gym. She immediately got me breathing deeply, put an oxygen monitor on me and got me seated with pillows to protect my new hip. The next few minutes were unclear to me as I woke up laying flat on a PT bed. A voice said to me "you need to open your eyes." When I did I saw a ring of heads looking down on me. Then a woman's voice asked "are you having chest pains, sir?" When I looked in the direction of the voice, I immediately recognized her as Tina Fey and wondered to myself "why is Tina Fey asking me if I am having chest pains?" I guess I was in trouble for those few minutes and thank the Lord that Colleen and her colleagues were all there for me. Many thanks, GREAT JOB Colleen!

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