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Thank you for making the worst day of my life okay.

October 5, 2017

I had the opportunity to meet your staff in pre-op, OR, and PACU after a very unfortunate event. I was diagnosed with a missed abortion at my 12 week ultrasound. What should have been an exciting time for me and my husband turned into a time of sadness, frustration, and grief. While my primary care is at UW, I was at the perinatal clinic for my ultrasound. Everyone at the clinic was very respectful and acknowledged my feelings. However, all of the staff I met on the day of my D&C went above and beyond in making me feel some hope in a dark time. 

During my check-in with pre-op, Jessica who was the nurse assigned to me asked me questions about what had happened and could not have been more compassionate and empathetic with my situation. She not only was able to comfort me but also my husband. She was gentle and caring with my IV and was very thorough in her explanation of what to expect for the day. She made sure to check on me more than enough but still somehow gave my husband and I time to ourselves. It was a day we were not expecting to have, and I knew she understood that. 

When meeting the OR staff, they were all friendly while understanding that I did not want to be there. The OR nurse whose name I have forgotten told me something I will never forget. She told me that I was a part of a sisterhood that she was also a part of. As she was transporting me to the OR, she talked to me the entire way. I don't really remember what she was saying, but I was so happy it wasn't a silent ride to the OR. As we got into the OR, I was assured that I could keep my glasses on and introduced to everyone in the room. Everyone was friendly but also empathetic. 

Time out was completed with my participation which I appreciated a lot. As I was being sedated, Dr. Williams and the OR nurse each held one of my hands and assured me I would be well cared for. I woke up on my way to the PACU and Rubie introduced herself to me. She was quick to reorient me and assisted me with the necessities following the D&C. I was impressed with her ability to make me feel comfortable and aware while still waking up. She was able to get my husband quickly while also tending to my residual pain and nausea. I was discharged without a problem because Rubie had been going through my discharge instructions slowly during my entire PACU stay and at discharge with my paperwork. She highlighted important items and was able to lay out a schedule for medication easily. As a nurse, I go into most healthcare situations with an understanding of what to expect. This was a new diagnosis and situation for me. I was so uneasy because of all of the unknowns I was going to be encountering. Everyone I met made me feel more and more comfortable. The nursing staff was quick to recognize my feelings and normalized my reaction to my new diagnosis. The OR nurse went above and beyond making me feel more comfortable during the most emotionally trying time: transport to the OR and presence in the OR. She normalized my feelings, reaction, and grief. She provided comfort to me when my husband couldn't be there. 

 I know that I was not the first woman to be in that situation, and I know that I was not their only patient that day. However, in my few hours in their care, everyone made me feel like the most important person to them. Thank you for making the worst day of my life okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You all are the reason that I am doing okay. While I wish I would have never met any of you, I am so happy you were the people there for me when I needed you the most.

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