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We've been in the NICU 65 days and counting...

August 30, 2017

At 27 weeks pregnant my husband and I set off to Wisconsin from Florida to see family while we still could. Little did we know that our little man decided he wanted to be born in the same state his Mom and Dad were born. Our baby arrived at 28 weeks and we have been in the NICU 65 days and counting. 

Not only is the NICU a scary roller coaster ride but we also had to deal with the fact that our home was in Florida. I can't even begin to state how grateful we are to the ENTIRE NICU team at Meriter. Before going into the NICU story I want to acknowledge the Perinatal Team for the time I was in the hospital before going into labor. 

Dr. Shaw and the team were incredible and truly made me feel comforted during a very scary time – thank you for your education and knowledge. 

Nurses – these women are AMAZING. To do what they do day in and day out is incredible. I have so much respect for them and their families. 

Our primary care team consisted of Kim, Amanda, Ali, Ange, Melanie and Laura. I couldn't have hand picked a more caring, compassionate, informative team. 

The NICU is scary and full of ups and downs but these nurses kept not only my baby going but me as well. They are unbelievable assets to this hospital. 

The Doctors – Doctors in the NICU are special. When I think of going to the doctor I think of waiting in a room and then getting to see them for 5 minutes. Up here that is not the case. The doctors do rounds every morning and they truly take time to explain their plan of care and not only explain their plan but involve us as parents in the plan. Asking us questions and getting us truly involved in their care. I honestly felt like each of them truly cared for the success of my child. They are extremely educated and we are blessed we ended up in the hospital we did.

Teaching/Fellows/Residents – with this being a teaching hospital you get more than one person caring for and following your child's journey. With the doctors changing weekly it was really nice to have the fellows being on for longer periods of time. They were huge resources in helping the progress of my child. I truly appreciated the time they took to also explain things to me in detail, talk about a plan and ask for my input in the plans for my child's care. Thank you Dr. Bauer and Dr. Meinen – you are going to make incredible Neonatologists. 

Ellen – thank you for your care when we first arrived! Whatever direction you go = you are amazing. 

To the team at the welcome desk – thank you for always checking in on me - making sure I eat and always greeting with a smiling face. 

Laura – thank you for helping with the overwhelming task of figuring out what to do, where to go and when we leave. It's so appreciated. 

Anita (cleaning) and Laurie (stocking) and rest of the team – thank you for always being so polite and for striking up conversations - it's been great seeing you everyday as well. 

Emily and Katie (Milk techs) – thank you for always being interested in my son's care and teaching me how to make sure I perfectly mix his blend! 

All of the PT, OT, Lactation, Respiratory and other specialists – thank you for being you and all you do - all of your advice, help and guidance is so appreciated. 

Meriter – you do it right. Your team is incredible and we as a family will forever be grateful for the care not only my son received but we did as well.

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