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Dr. Bowers and his team gave me my life back!

December 17, 2015

Dr. Bowers and his team gave me my life back! As a recent retiree, I started off 2015 with such enthusiasm to do volunteer activities, hike the outdoors and re-invent myself. However, hip osteoarthritis had a different plan and it took me down... and out of all activities. By April, I was miserable and knew something was terribly wrong. I met Dr. Bowers and his team in September and hip replacement surgery was scheduled for November.

I am now only 4-days post-surgery, and feel I have been blessed by a miracle. Dr. Bowers is much too modest, when he said he could put me back together and restore my lifestyle. He has given me a gift; he has restored my life and I cannot be any more blessed than that!

My experiences with Dr. Bowers, my care while in the hospital, and now my post-op care, are absolutely outstanding!