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I have met the Nurse Practitioner of my dreams!

June 16, 2017

I have met the Nurse Practitioner of my dreams! I would highly recommend her to everyone! I had a lot of crazy stuff going on in my life. I went to Catrina (Cate) Shookman at the DeForest-Windsor Clinic.

Cate is a person that is not only there to help you medically and physically but mentally as well. I have never met anyone that has helped me as much mentally as she has and she isn't a therapist but I think that this is her specialty! She is so personable and knows you as a person and a friend and not just another patient! I feel like she is one of my best friends that I can talk to her about anything and I have only known her just a few months! But these few months have been traumatic in my life and she has been there every step of the way for anything that I need, day and night. They just don't make doctors like this anymore! She has the most sweetest and sincere personality that truly cares about you as a person. In the last three months I have seen three different therapists and none of them have helped me nearly as much as she has. I think her niche is therapy because she is so truly good at it and helps you personally and truly cares about you! She is one of the BEST and I sincerely have appreciated all of her help and being the great person that she is!

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