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Thank you for making this the only hospital I recommend for treatment...

September 17, 2017

It's been a week now since my discharge from the 6th floor at Meriter Hospital for cellulitis in my left leg. The healing process is long and painful but through it all there are some amazing people I wish to thank: First off, to my Hospitalist, Dr. Heather Certain. She truly made the process of healing a shared experience. Not just using her vast expertise in the situation but also listening to the patient in an attempt to accelerate the healing process, which was a success! Next, to my RN's Paula, Tammy, Brittney, Natalia, Erica, Erika, Pat, Joan, Marcie. Also to my CNA's Brittney and Zach, thank you for making the process pleasant and this patient comfortable. Lastly, to all of the Meriter staff behind the scenes as well as the Emergency Room staff for making this the only hospital I recommend for treatment.

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